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Tigerblood Intern interview by fellow intern hopeful

So @WarlockJunior had a great idea to interview some of the Tigerblood Intern hopefuls! Check out my interview below!


Video of Charlie Sheen and me from his tour

Thanks James for capturing that video! What a crazy torpedo of emotions and adrenaline getting up on that stage. Through the ups and downs I remained composed and smiling, woo! Plus, Charlie said he “likes my spirit.” #winning

Boss and Intern

Charlie Sheen and me after his Tampa show

It’s 3 a.m. and I should be sleeping, but …

I’m not, obviously. It must be all that Tiger Blood running through my veins.

It’s also because I just got off the phone with someone who might give me the opportunity to be on TMZ. News never sleeps and I love it.

Today has been a WHIRLWIND of media coverage and I love it. I was on TWO television stations, mentioned on THREE websites and in two newspapers today. Can you say #winning?

I couldn’t be happier with the news package put together by Preston Rudie over at 10 News. It was so much fun! And with that endorsement from THE Reggie Roundtree during the tag out?! What more could a girl ask for :).

Explaining to Preston Rudie why I'm #winning!

Check out all the coverage from today!

10 News/WTSP: USF grad still in running to be Charlie Sheen’s intern USF grad wants to be Charlie Sheen’s intern  Florida’s Quote of the Day

St. Pete Times, page 2B

The Trib, page 7