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The Final 50 Tigerblood Interns just got an email from with an update! Here it is, verbatim:

Hi #Final50!

We’ve been in touch with a TeamSheen representative and have an update to share with you. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to this application process and are excited to let you know that TeamSheen told us they will select their Social Media Intern by June 1st. They’re carefully reviewing each of your applications and video submissions as we speak. We will follow up again in case TeamSheen gives us any new  information to share about the internship.

FINALLY! At least we all know an answer is coming soon!

This how I feel right now. I was working and BOOM! My email starts going off. Like my headphones? I love them!


Video of Charlie Sheen and me from his tour

Thanks James for capturing that video! What a crazy torpedo of emotions and adrenaline getting up on that stage. Through the ups and downs I remained composed and smiling, woo! Plus, Charlie said he “likes my spirit.” #winning

Waiting in the bushes

You know how tigers will stalk and wait forever until the perfect time to strike their prey?

That’s how I feel right now.

(Side note: Want to know what possessed me to apply for this internship in the first place? Check out my commentary I wrote for USF’s The Oracle!)

The antici … pation is driving me nuts! Anywho, in the meantime, I’m here blogging, trying to get myself on the news and distracting myself with work (still need to make rent, ya know).

Speaking of work, here’s me and my friend Nick! You read his blog, Behind the Cover.