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I am not Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood Intern

And that’s ok!

This entire process — this almost 4 month process — was very fun. I received crazy news coverage from media outlets all over Tampa Bay. My high point for the bid to be Charlie Sheen’s social media marketing campaign happened on April 22 when I: appeared in the live shots of three different newscasts, was given a free meet and greet pass and floor seats to Charlie Sheen’s show, went on stage and met Charlie Sheen himself, and took a picture with him.

I may not have ‘won’ but I’m definitely #winning. I know this has already opened doors for me. And I made new friends by connecting with those in the #tigerbloodintern twitter community. Being in the Top 50 of this competition forced me to learn how to better utilize social media.

I know I made an impact in Tampa Bay. I had people ask me all the time, “What the hell are you doing applying for this? Are you nuts?” No, I applied for it because it got me what I wanted. Exposure. Experiences. Connections.

This isn’t the last you’ll see of me!

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An update, then not an update, then what?

There’s been much confusion around the Tiger Blood internship competition lately. An announcement was supposed to be made June 1st, but that came and went with no word from Team Sheen.

We wait …

We wait …

And we wait …

And then! Fellow Top 50 TigerBloodInter finalist @bennyluo takes to twitter and announces he’s a Top 3 finalist! Pretty neat! The dude has almost 11,000 followers, I’m not gonna hate. But where are the other two? No one comes forward and trust me, if I had heard something, I would’ve said something.

People began to doubt Benny. I was still unsure. What reason did he have to lie? Almost a week passes … some people — fellow Top 50 finalists and others — voice their distrust. Some support Benny to the full extent. I wished him a congrats and stayed quiet. There was no verification and I didn’t want to take a stand. What if Benny was telling the truth? I didn’t want to rag on him.

Then tonight.

I feel bad for Benny, I really do. He announced on twitter tonight that he was no longer in the running and followed up with a blog post showing screenshots of emails from

So now we’re back at square one. Not sure what’s going on. There could be a Top 48. According to the email correspondance between Benny and Sean Rad from, an intern was already chosen. Who was it? Not sure, but if it was me, I have yet to be notified.

Some people have asked what’s involvement is in this whole process. If you look back, Charlie Sheen’s first two tweets about the TigerBlood Internship were “via network.” See below.

The original tweet (first of the above two) was a paid promotional tweet, hence the hashtag #ad. There was no lie about it being an ad. That #ad brought you to, who made an agreement through with Team Sheen. does not have a deal with Team Sheen, they have a deal with Therefore, has direct contact with Team Sheen, not (Of course, all us #tigerbloodintern hopefuls are still super duper thankful for all the hard work the team has done and the connections they made with us on Twitter!)

When handed off the Top 50 picks, they handed them off to and Team Sheen. That was their subway stop, the end of their trip.

How do I know this? Trust me, I’m a journalist 😉

So here we are, waiting. Maybe something will be said tomorrow. Who knows. At this point, we just want some closure!

A look back …

Charlie Sheen and me after his Tampa show

With word from Charlie Sheen himself that a decision about the #tigerbloodintern will come soon, let’s take a look at what made me stand out from 82,000 people! To make it this far to the Top 50 is pretty crazy, someone at saw something in me! Hopefully, Charlie does, too.

My Round 3 video application:

With the help of my two good friends, we shot and edited this video in only two days. Talk about deadline! Good thing we’re all newsies at heart.

TigerBlood inspired photoshoot:

Why not have a little fun in the process of it all? Check out the photoset by the talented Candace Kaw.

Meeting Charlie Sheen:

Meeting the man himself and being on stage with him was so surreal! Read the details or see the pictures!

Here are a few choice quotes from local media (the largest media market in one of the largest states in one of the largest nations in … well, the only planet inhabited by intelligent life in the milky way). Check out all my media coverage!

Joshua Gillan, The Juice, “We’ll pull for you, Amy, but you may be better off not winning, know what we mean?”

Reggie Roundtree, 10 News Anchor: “I see character in her. She can handle that situation.”

Eric Deggans, The Feed, Mariani has created a local media blitz of her own, in her bid to earn a spot as Charlie Sheen‘s paid helper”

Kelly Ring, Fox 13 Anchor: “She seems very smart, maybe too smart for Charlie Sheen.”


After almost a week, a word from the man himself! Many #tigerbloodintern hopefuls had given up, stayed strong or moved on — congrats phil! At least Charlie didn’t forget about us, like some of us had feared.

At this point, I’m just excited to hear who he picks. Closure is great! But of course, I’d be more excited to hear he picked me. And I’m sure Tampa Bay would be too 😉


June 1st came and went

All we can do is wait

With no Tiger Blood Intern announcement. But as a fellow twitter-er pointed out, we’re still #winning if we haven’t lost yet!

Tigerblood Intern interview by fellow intern hopeful

So @WarlockJunior had a great idea to interview some of the Tigerblood Intern hopefuls! Check out my interview below!


The Final 50 Tigerblood Interns just got an email from with an update! Here it is, verbatim:

Hi #Final50!

We’ve been in touch with a TeamSheen representative and have an update to share with you. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to this application process and are excited to let you know that TeamSheen told us they will select their Social Media Intern by June 1st. They’re carefully reviewing each of your applications and video submissions as we speak. We will follow up again in case TeamSheen gives us any new  information to share about the internship.

FINALLY! At least we all know an answer is coming soon!

This how I feel right now. I was working and BOOM! My email starts going off. Like my headphones? I love them!