Keep posted for the latest on my fight to be Charlie Sheen's #tigerbloodintern

I am not Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood Intern

And that’s ok!

This entire process — this almost 4 month process — was very fun. I received crazy news coverage from media outlets all over Tampa Bay. My high point for the bid to be Charlie Sheen’s social media marketing campaign happened on April 22 when I: appeared in the live shots of three different newscasts, was given a free meet and greet pass and floor seats to Charlie Sheen’s show, went on stage and met Charlie Sheen himself, and took a picture with him.

I may not have ‘won’ but I’m definitely #winning. I know this has already opened doors for me. And I made new friends by connecting with those in the #tigerbloodintern twitter community. Being in the Top 50 of this competition forced me to learn how to better utilize social media.

I know I made an impact in Tampa Bay. I had people ask me all the time, “What the hell are you doing applying for this? Are you nuts?” No, I applied for it because it got me what I wanted. Exposure. Experiences. Connections.

This isn’t the last you’ll see of me!

P.S. If you’re ever in the market for an MMJ or web reporter … check out!



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