Keep posted for the latest on my fight to be Charlie Sheen's #tigerbloodintern

A look back …

Charlie Sheen and me after his Tampa show

With word from Charlie Sheen himself that a decision about the #tigerbloodintern will come soon, let’s take a look at what made me stand out from 82,000 people! To make it this far to the Top 50 is pretty crazy, someone at saw something in me! Hopefully, Charlie does, too.

My Round 3 video application:

With the help of my two good friends, we shot and edited this video in only two days. Talk about deadline! Good thing we’re all newsies at heart.

TigerBlood inspired photoshoot:

Why not have a little fun in the process of it all? Check out the photoset by the talented Candace Kaw.

Meeting Charlie Sheen:

Meeting the man himself and being on stage with him was so surreal! Read the details or see the pictures!

Here are a few choice quotes from local media (the largest media market in one of the largest states in one of the largest nations in … well, the only planet inhabited by intelligent life in the milky way). Check out all my media coverage!

Joshua Gillan, The Juice, “We’ll pull for you, Amy, but you may be better off not winning, know what we mean?”

Reggie Roundtree, 10 News Anchor: “I see character in her. She can handle that situation.”

Eric Deggans, The Feed, Mariani has created a local media blitz of her own, in her bid to earn a spot as Charlie Sheen‘s paid helper”

Kelly Ring, Fox 13 Anchor: “She seems very smart, maybe too smart for Charlie Sheen.”


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