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Defeat is definitely not an option

Me and Charlie Sheen on stage -- I cant believe it!

April 22, 2011 has got to be the craziest day I’ve had in a very, very long time.

I did interviews with so many different media outlets. (Wanna see the stories? Check out my list!) I was in three live shots between two stations. A complete stranger gave me floor seat and meet and greet tickets.

But what stood out the most is that I met the Boss Man himself — TWICE.

The first time was on-stage during his show. Cowhead from 102.5 The Bone let Charlie Sheen know there was a future intern in the audience and Sheen let him invite me on stage.

Check out the pictures on my Flickr stream! (thanks to friend/photog/publicist/ Sid!)

I asked Sheen why he hasn’t chose me as his social media intern yet. He laughed and smiled. I think I caught him off guard!

Then after the show, I was able to meet Charlie Sheen again and take my picture with him! (Still waiting on those from Sheen’s people) When it was my turn, we had an interesting conversation.

Me: “Hello, boss.”
Sheen: “Hello, intern,”
Me: “For real, Charlie. I’m your girl. I’m the one you should pick for this internship.”
Sheen: “You’re not in the top fifty?”
Me: “Oh yes I am! Look me up!”
Sheen: “Amy?”
Me: “Amy Mariani!”
Sheen: “Amy Mariani … got it!”

I took my signed poster and skipped away happily. If this doesn’t give me an edge, I don’t know what will!


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